Saturday, 4 July 2015

On The Cusp of Something Great

I’m not sure why but this weekend feels like a half way point, for me. We’ve got 8 Weeks (!) until our ‘Mile for Muscles’ and yet I started to plan this in September last year. I have no reasoning for feeling like this but it feels good. 

As you’ve seen I have been asking people two questions and posted their participant profiles online. Who are you? Why are you taking part in mile for muscles? As I’ve said before now, these are entirely up to that individual and the answers are unedited (as you would have seen from Phil’s).

I’ve been so impressed with so many friends and family and I feel very humbled by some of the things that have been said. I just want people to know about these conditions and try to help a little, that’s all.
Michelle is now part of a running club and I couldn’t be prouder, as I said already, it doesn’t matter how slow she runs, she’s faster than the Michelle from one month ago. Our friend Marie started to text me last weekend to tell me that she wanted to organise a raffle and take all the hassle of it away from me. Marie posted about that on social media, said who and what it was for and had gifts at her feet within minutes. Paul Adams is cracking on with the music element for ‘Music for Muscles’ and Val, the landlady of the Aristocrat is always asking what she can do for us and if I’m ok with everything. My father-in-law, John, will be making sandwiches and more to keep everyone fed on the day and with all this I’m starting to feel a sense of unity. This really hit home with me after I posted a profile last weekend of my friend Hayley and Nathan Still put the comment ‘Welcome on board’, something so simple but kept me smiling for ages! I really enjoy seeing things like that. We are a team and everyone should be celebrated for what they are doing, that means now and on the day, so I second what Nathan said and I say it to all of you with gratitude and heartfelt thanks.

One thing I must put some emphasis on and forgot to last week was the fact that people are travelling to do this and not from just round the corner either. Last weekend I also did profiles on Gray and Jo. Gray will be coming from Lancashire to run his mile and Jo will be coming from West Yorkshire to run her mile, with family in tow too. I think that’s massive and I apologise for not mentioning it before now. 

Runners from all over the UK, incl the fantastic Jo!

Since doing these profiles I’ve had two people get in touch with me that wanted to raise the bar even more, to challenge themselves, to help us. Dean Murray was going to originally cycle a mile on his bike but has now decided to cycle the whole 26 miles and he also wants to try to do this in less than 90 minutes. I’m speaking to MD UK at this minute to get you a cycling shirt, Dean. Thank you!

You may also remember Mark Sammon who I introduced as one of our elite runners. Mark was moved by BBC newsnight this week which featured the story about Translarna, a drug which needs funding for boys with Duchenne. Mark commented on Facebook, “I watched this tonight and it really brings home the anguish of the parents – we must do more! I have an idea and I’ll message you about it tomorrow.”

Mark, The Marathon Man, with wife, Lou
Like Dean, Mark has challenged himself because he can (his own words), Mark has decided to run a marathon that day. Mark will run 26.2 miles as if he was in London doing it officially and as far as I know, nobody has ever run a marathon for charity in Aylesbury before. Also, Mark wants to add an element of fun and competitiveness to this, he would like to ‘Race the Relay’. Who will be fastest, us or Mark? 
All this information will be added to and adjusted on our team Just Giving page.

So we have a few more elements added to what I hope is a great day and people are really overwhelming me with support and care.

Mark will set off at 11:00 or 12:30 depending on the weather. My daughter, Lucie will start the relay at 12:00 and Dean will set off at 14:00, so we will all, hopefully, finish near the same time.

The hardest part of any charity event, for me, is asking people for donations and money. I must say this has been a little different; I’m arranging lots of different parts of this marathon and that’s great, busy but productive and full of positivity. The problem I have is actually walking but I’m told not to worry as we have a wheelbarrow ready to get me to the finish if needs must. I won’t let that happen.

I’m like the rest of you, I’m in training for a very special day and it bloody hurts. I am trying to walk the last mile of this marathon and it might not seem like much but it is when you can hardly walk at all. A great runner once said to me ‘A challenge is a challenge because it’s relative to that person’. If anyone could add any money or share our page and our story with others then that would be greatly appreciated. The target is set to what it is because that equates to one full week of research paid for by us and I think we can raise that much.

Imagine if a scientist had a 'eureka' moment and that was financed by something we did, together?

“Remember that day in 2015 when we raised that cash and funded that research, which found that treatment, fantastic wasn’t it!”

Thank you all, for everything. 




             £5, £10, £20  (or any amount)
To:-       70070

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