Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Deuce (pronounced 'juice') comes from the French word 'deux', meaning 'two’. 

It’s very appropriate then that my next challenge is over a weekend and consists of two miles that are about 175 miles away from each other. I will be driving over 350 miles to walk just two miles.

Every effort made is now coming to fruition and I’m starting to see the light at the end of a very long, dark and adventurous tunnel. I’m very grateful for every donation that has been made and all those that have joined me on my challenge so far this year. 

I really wanted people to know how I’m feeling at this very minute as I know I have the biggest challenge to overcome very soon. Usually I would tell you about the hardships of living with Muscular Dystrophy but I also think it’s imperative that you know about the good times too. 

For the first time in I don’t know how long, I have been given a break from myself. I feel hardly any burning in my legs or hips, my knees feel secure, my lower back pain is manageable and I have no paranoia about falling. At the beginning of this year I organised the miles in this challenge so I would hit half way and then have June off to rest and recuperate, and that’s exactly what has happened. With this comes great relief. After our last mile at Wembley Stadium was complete I was a broken man, and this also coincided with a back problem. My pain threshold is huge but the pain I went through that week was the worst I’d felt in my life. I’ve given this month to Michelle and the girls and it’s been fantastic; BBQs, Beer, Lego and cuddles, just what the Doctor ordered (…..and he really did insist!) 

Success and exhaustion after Wembley

So we’re nearly on our way again. In just over two weeks’ time I will take on a mile to Wimbledon (2nd July) to watch the tennis, and then travel from South London to North Leeds to take on a mile to walk through Headingley to the Leeds Rhinos games against Widnes Vikings (3rd July).

I consider this to be the biggest part of my challenge due to distance and the exhaustion that I know I will feel. As I said, I can see the light and the reasoning behind what I’m doing now. The Wimbledon mile is happening because my wife has said every year she would love to go, so I’m going to make that happen and raise much-needed funds and research along the way. I won’t claim to be the biggest Rugby League fan, but I was introduced to the Leeds Rhinos club by a friend and the people there are simply amazing! As with most venues that I’ve asked to help me, they have responded with an amazing open-arms attitude of “how can we help you to help others?” 

I’m also very lucky to be joined on these miles by other people, and these details I will tell you about nearer the time, but one person that has helped with this whole project is Ralph Ineson. Ralph helped launch my short film at the very start of all of this and will be joining us at Wimbledon. Ralph has stayed in touch all year and constantly asks if I’m ok and if I need anything from him. 

So it’s Deuce; Muscular Dystrophy is not beating me and it is relentlessly trying to Ace me but I won’t let it. Deuce also represents the two challenges that I have in close succession of one and another. Don’t get me wrong I’m extremely nervous and apprehensive about the challenge ahead but it’s good for me and keeps me moving. I will take any positive offered up to me and make the best of a bad situation. I have also been encouraged all year by these young lads affected by the condition, and the likes of Tommy Lloyd and Archie Hill (pictured) push me on to keep going and they inspire me every day the way they handle and deal with their very own Muscular Dystrophy.

Tommy after completing his mile at the famous Iffley Road
Archie and myself at the Oval, London

As I’ve said before, some might say “why me, why did I get this diagnosis, why did I get this disability?” I say, why NOT me? I have been given an opportunity to help others, albeit a painful opportunity, but it is worth every effort. 

£7800.00 raised so far. 

220 hours of world class research paid for. 

Move a Mile for muscles, If I can, You can too. 


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