Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Keep On Moving


I am the beacon; I am the positive, inspirational one people turn to because this is what everyone says. Try as I may this year things are just not working out as I had planned. I recently lost the faith a little bit in myself because physically I have been failing. I dislocated my knee in early January, pulled my inside ligaments and bruised all the surrounding area quite badly. I was nearly admitted to hospital by my GP on recommendation because of influenza and an extremely low resistance/immune system to fight it. I’ve been in a bad way.  

Another problem I have to deal with is the transition from walking independently to relying on walking apparatus and assistance; it’s felt like the beginning of the end, a downward spiral “losing it”. One of the biggest problems I faced has been myself and pride, the putting your hand up and saying “I need help, I really do.” It is what it is and I knew these days were coming as I struggled so much with the miles I was putting in last year.

Always determined.

That said, I am now on the up and feeling optimistic and hope to get back on track with training for this year’s challenge and I am proud to be the fighter that I am rather than giving up. I think that I’ve set myself up with the ultimate goal this year. I want to climb a mountain, ultimately putting myself, family and friends on top of the world.

Personally I don’t like the names mentioned here in the first line but that’s what you say and if it does get someone else off their backside to help another person then it’s worth me cringing and feeling embarrassed. Like last year my objectives are transparent, to keep moving, to take others with me and show that ‘If I can, you can too’ and obviously to raise funds and awareness along the way. I met a lot of amazing young people that deal with Muscular Dystrophy last year and I didn’t hear one moan, I simply saw smiles and yet we still have little treatment and certainly no cure. It always begs the question from me how so many people use social media to complain when I know some other people that would bend over backwards to have the sniffles of others.

Our date is set, on the 1st of July, 2017, with a fantastic team I am hoping to climb Mount Snowdon, with all the grit and determination that I can muster. As mentioned I’ll be taking a team with me to prove that they can do it too. Life is far too short and as I recently said to a friend, ‘it is better to be a do’er rather than a say’er’. If you have an ambition don’t stop yourself from doing it, only you can be you own worst enemy in that respect.

As I have also said many times before, try to help someone, you don’t have to pick the same cause as mine but pick one, be selfless and do your best to be nice. If I can, you can too.

You can sponsor me here, all donations are greatly appreciated.


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